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Our consulting and facilitating services focus on project planning, problem solving, small group facilitation, emergency services and communications strategic planning. With over 35 years of experience working with groups and organizations to solve problems, plan major projects, and strategically focus action on complex issues, we are well positioned to assist your group. Whether you need a group facilitated around an issue or you want your people trained to facilitate, our consultants can provide the professional expertise you need.

Seven-step Project Planning Agenda

Small groups are able to define their project, select appropriate strategic options or approaches, conduct a force-field analysis, and generate activities to accomplish the project. The group will organize the tasks into a timeline and commit to working as a team to successfully complete the project. In addition, a test for reality will assess and identify any barriers to the project and devise contingencies.


Our problem-solving agenda uses a similar approach with brainstorming the issues and problems, identifying likely solutions, prioritizing those likely solutions, and developing a game plan for addressing each solution. The group develops indicators for determining success and adequate problem resolution. Problem solving and project planning are closely related and utilize similar skills and methods.

Organizations frequently deal with small group or work teams that need to increase their ability to perform and deliver high quality products and/or services. We have experience in facilitating and training hundreds, if not thousands, of small groups with the goal of making them more effective. Using a small group process, a set of agreed upon ground rules, brainstorming and skills mentioned above, we have achieved excellent results.


The combined members of your BowMac consulting team have hundreds of years of public safety experience in almost every service and at most organizational levels. Our approach to strategic planning in communications, fire and rescue services, law enforcement, and security utilize many of the skills and processes described above. Combining the facilitation skills with the many years of practical public safety experience gives us a unique perspective on many public safety issues.

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