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There are few individuals more crucial to an agency’s response during a critical incident than the dispatchers & telecommunicators handling the incident.


A must-attend simulation-based training course for dispatch personnel. There are few individuals more crucial to an agency’s response during a critical incident than the dispatcher handling the incident. The 9/11 commission report makes numerous references to communications issues and the positive or negative impact these issues have on saving lives.

Dispatchers and Telecommunicators hold responder's lives in their hands, yet we often fail to train them. Frequently, during our initial response and command post courses, the role of communications personnel has been identified by attendees as having a direct impact on their ability to respond in a critical incident. The need to prepare communications personnel in an agency’s game plan is crucial to insuring those personnel successfully participate in handling a critical incident.

This is a fast-paced course & comprised of simulated exercises.


Critical Incident Management Simulation-Based Training for Dispatch Personnel is designed to fill a void currently existing in communications training.


This course is unique as it provides the missing link between communications personnel’s preliminary handling of a critical incident and the field’s response to and management of that same incident.


This course assures agencies that all personnel involved in every aspect of handling a critical incident, from the initial call to an activated Command Post, are working towards accomplishing the same standard set of tasks.


Communications personnel trained to recognize and assist in accomplishing the same tasks as field units will prove to be invaluable at the time a critical incident occurs.


In addition, by training communications personnel in the basic aspects of the National Incident Management System and Incident Command, they will have an increased understanding of the field response and will be better prepared to participate in a unified effort to bring an incident to successful resolution.


As in all our critical incident management programs, exercises will be conducted on a 96-square foot Model City™ simulator. As part of your training experience, this elaborate simulation system will be transported and provided for your use at your training site. Use of the simulator provides command personnel the opportunity to get a field perspective while simultaneously performing their regular command and control function.

Approximately 35% of this sixteen-hour course is actual simulated experience in handling incidents.

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