Become a sponsor with BowMac.


If you're looking for a great way to support public safety organizations, while simultaneously providing highly-desired training courses, talk to us about helping to fund our training courses for your local emergency responders.

If your organization is seeking innovative ways to market directly to the difficult niche market of public safety decision makers, we can help. We can target specific or broad geographic locations and package your products or services within our highly sought out training courses.


BowMac provides a variety of sponsorship levels for companies or organizations who want to showcase their products, services or brand to law enforcement and first responders participating in our various training courses. ​


Our high-demand courses last 2-5 days and reach hundreds of public safety professionals each month, from front-line officers, to executive leaders. Course sponsorship puts your brand front and center during the BowMac training experience and shows your support for quality training. ​​


We will connect you directly with our affinity marketing manager, so you can discuss our courses, the opportunities and pricing that will work best for your company.


BowMac Educational Services provides first responders with the knowledge, training & tools your need to effectively respond to emergency situations. Our training is always practical & hands on, providing real-life situational simulations which enhance the educational experience.


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