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Expert help because we are all vulnerable to outside threats to our educational & business operations, as well as employee safety.


BowMac training and consulting services can help with a unique and highly customized learning experience. We offer comprehensive areas of classroom training as well as customized consulting services matched to your exact needs.

Critical Incident Management

Just like any effort worth engaging in, emergency response and management takes commitment, time and effort to do it right. Given the increased threat of terrorism, a rise in civil unrest, technological emergencies, and health and disease emergencies, organizations must reexamine their state of readiness for these situations.​

All of our critical incident management courses include simulation-based training and skill-building exercises that are combined with a case-study approach to our lessons-learned information. It's this unique combination with a hands-on approach that provides such as a valuable leaning experience. Because the pressures and stakes of managing critical incidents are high, and our our real-life experiences are limited because of the infrequency of critical incidents, our training exercises make an integral part of your ongoing personnel development. Our legendary critical incident management courses apply realistic scenarios that test your organization’s concept of operations and your ability to work within it.

Supplemental critical incident management courses include:

Investigative Strategies

Our legendary investigative strategies program is designed to provide investigators with proven techniques that can be applied in various accusatory and non-accusatory interview situations. Participants will develop skills in preparing for the interrogation with a game plan which emphasizes a proactive, rather than reactive role. Experienced law enforcement instructors, who are actual practitioners, will train course participants in what to expect, what to look for, and how to interpret what is happening in the interrogation setting.

These courses include a series of lectures, video exercises, practical hands-on classroom experiences, and evening assignments are used in the instruction. Literally thousands of officers, investigators, and related personnel across the country have had extremely successful experiences utilizing our tried and tested techniques. The program also includes up-to-date information on the legal aspects of interrogation and admissibility of the confession into court.

Supplemental investigative strategies courses include:

Consulting Services

We provide variety of consulting and facilitating services dealing with project planning, problem solving, small group facilitation, emergency services and communications strategic planning. Whether you need a group facilitated around an issue or you want your people trained to facilitate, BowMac consultants can provide the professional expertise you need. Organizations frequently deal with small group or work teams that need to increase their ability to perform and deliver high quality products and/or services. BowMac has experience in facilitating and training hundreds, if not thousands, of small groups with the goal of making them more effective. Using a small group process, a set of agreed upon ground rules, brainstorming and skills mentioned above, we have achieved excellent results. 

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