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To provide you with the fundamental skills & knowledge to improve the performance of your future students who will be part of any initial field response to critical incidents.


BowMac's training course for initial response personnel

This is an instructor development course
comprised of a three-part curriculum.

This course is a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on. The exercises are simulations of exercises using the Model City™ simulator real-life scenarios. Using the Model City, students learn to instruct the critical tasks which focus on incident stabilization with the implementation of an all-hazards approach to manage the initial response to critical incidents. Students learn to teach strategies that allow them to move ahead of incident acceleration and build a decision-making team to bring about a successful resolution of the event. 


Using the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS) structures, instructors will train future students to build an effective decision-making teams to stabilize the responses and bring about a successful resolution of the simulated exercises.


Students will learn to conduct exercises in a number of modules that provide the opportunity to put into action the ICS model and implement the unified command concepts to establish an operational command post and manage a simulated critical incident.


 Participants will learn to deliver training to all levels of personnel from police, fire, and EMS disciplines, as well as key decision-makers from other units of government.


Using the Unified Command approach, students will provide the necessary preparation to respond to and prepare their community's readiness for major incidents. In addition, using the ICS model, pre-event planning will be developed and practiced.


None specified





  • Law Enforcement Trainers

  • Public Safety Dispatch Trainers


Course Length: 104 hours

Course Level: Performance

This course relates to the existing Simulation-based Training for Initial Response Personnel

The Train the Trainer system consists of three modules:


  1. Three-day pilot course

  2. Ten-day instructor development (specific to Initial Response course)

  3. Three-day mentoring sessions for the new instructor’s initial teaching assignment of the approved delivery.

The complex of the final delivery requires this 16-day commitment on the part of prospective instructors.

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