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Real-world, hands-on training that teaches, demonstrates & allows you to practice your new skills.


Officers, young and old alike, are great at giving commands, such as: “let me see your license and registration”. Yet it’s amazing to observe how many shrink from going beyond this superficial communication to spending real time digging up critical information. Many officers have just one style and if it doesn’t work they get easily frustrated, argue with the suspect and quit.

It’s this information that is the lifeblood of good investigations and the genesis behind our basic interviews and interrogations course. This course provides the critical tools, proven techniques, and teaches the skills you need to succeed. This course is full of entertainment throughout due to the real experiences and war stories from our instructors, which we translate into practical applications and greater insights for students.  

This course is designed to provide investigators with proven techniques that can be applied in various accusatory and non-accusatory interview situations. Participants will develop skills in preparing for the interrogation with a game plan, which emphasizes a proactive, rather than reactive role.

  • Develop rapport on purpose

  • Develop flexibility

  • Develop a game plan

  • Understand the suspect’s plays

  • Have appropriate defenses

  • Create complete offensive strategies

  • Utilize a variety of interview styles









We are proud that this course has earned the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) National Certification Program Seal of excellence for our nationally recognized, Interview & Interrogation, (40 hour course).

This course, one of our most popular Law Enforcement Investigations courses, was thoroughly reviewed by the IADLEST NCP assessment team and successfully passed the rigors of their independent review process.

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Our courses are led by Master Instructors who are experienced law enforcement and actual practitioners. They train participants in what to expect, what to look for, and how to interpret what is happening in the interrogation setting.

We offer a highly personalized experience in a unique format that lets you build essential skills and exercise them to help you become as effective as possible. Over the past 30+ years of teaching this course, we have achieved thousands of success stories.


“Course exceeded my expectations, instructors were great and it was fun, will change everything” JB, MA

"The instructors were passionate, gave me a 'game plan' and the exercises allowed me to practice and become comfortable." JS, NM

“The best course I’ve taken in 22 years on the job, just wish I had it 20 years earlier” TM, CT

BowMac's Interview & Interrogation Courses(720p)

BowMac's Interview & Interrogation Courses(720p)

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