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Because situational awareness is key to good decision making.

SIT-AWARE SOFTWARE by BLUELINE Security Consulting Group LLC. 

Big picture situational awareness is one of the most challenging issues you face during a crisis. ​If you have a critical or pre-planned event to manage, SIT-Aware can help. 

Relying on cell phone communications and/or texting becomes complicated, time consuming and sometimes impossible due to overloaded systems, dead batteries, etc. Receiving, sending and acknowledging bits of information distracts from decision making and is riddled with holes in terms accuracy and seeing the big picture.

SIT-Aware is a tool that can be set up by your hand-picked administrators centered around an event (emergency or non-emergency) that allows individuals at all levels of response and management to enter and view relevant information regarding the scene, continuity of operations and executive policy decisions regarding acceptable actions.

Most organizations use this tool for managing pre-planned events on a routine basis so that personnel are familiar with the tool when a crisis does arise. Many situations such as pandemics, natural disasters and haz-mat events require that we manage from far-a-field. With the ability to add photos, etc., you can have better info than people who are in close proximity to the event.

Learn more about BLUELINE Security Consulting Group's SIT-Aware software.

  • Web-based

  • Professionally hosted

  • Affordable subscription-based pricing

  • Use as a standalone or pick & choose your modules

  • Excellent for pre-planning events

  • Understand the big picture to communicate effectively

  • Easily track group emails & texts

  • Reduce the back-and-forth hassles, searching for who said what​​

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