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A complete suite of online emergency & crisis management planning software.


Our incident management planning software technologies were initially developed in 1997 in collaboration with the National League of Cities Risk Information Sharing Consortium.

All public entities, including utilities and other organizations designated as Critical Infrastructure, are required to conform to the National Incident Management System (NIMS). BowMac software is uniquely designed to assist your organization with meeting compliance initiatives in your planning and response. We offer two technologies.

REDI™ for Emergencies III

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An online community emergency planning solution. You get all the tools to coordinate & communicate effectively in a time of event or crisis. REDI for Emergencies helps you react in a productive, coordinated fashion & account for those who need assistance most in a time of uncertainty.

REDI for Emergencies is designed to allow you to take control of your planning process. This technology includes six modules designed to assist municipalities, school districts, the health sector, utilities, colleges, universities, and businesses in their planning, response, management and NIMS compliance  to make their environments safer.

In our world today, we are vulnerable to many outside threats to our business operations and safety. REDI for Emergencies III provides your company with the tools to coordinate and communicate effectively in a time of event or crisis. With outside threats pertaining to theft, hostage, fire, pandemic and terrorism, your company must be ready to act in response to handle any situation. Whether the threat come in a branch or remote office location, or in corporate headquarters, business must continue and lives must be secure. REDI for Emergencies III will enable your firm to react in a productive, coordinated fashion and account for those who need it most in a time of uncertainty.


A robust communications platform to manage complex levels of response & unify multiple jurisdictions & disciplines. SIT-Aware give your organization’s leadership confidence to articulate how an incident is managed & what is occurring at all levels.

Get all your organization and community partners linked together in one tool regardless of location. SIT-Aware software gives you the ability to decide, incident by incident, who from the list should be linked in. You gain the ability to share, decisions made, damage assessments, injury reports, photos and other critical data across jurisdictional & managerial lines. It's simple and intuitive to keep the CEO fully informed so she/he can respond to inquiries and make informed policy decisions.

As in all BowMac training courses, exercises are at the heart of our approach. All participants of our Critical Incident Management courses will experience working in a “NIMS-based” functional management system. The initial response scenarios are run on the Model City™ and prepare the participants to stabilize the scene. They will begin to see the difference from committee style efforts in a pre-planning exercise using the Incident Command System (ICS) functional management structure. In the Unified Command training they will experience managing events in a functional Command Post and the importance of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Executive Policy Group functions. SIT-Aware is the software technology that unifies all your groups together for a more cohesive communication platform.

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